Wednesday ~ 7/29/15

First I am sorry that I failed to keep going here on this blog.  No excuses. Everyone has a life similar but not the same as mine. This is what I often tell myself when things seem overwhelming.


Second I have minor news for most of you but wonderfully good news for those around me. I had an ultrasound this morning and baby#3 is developing normally and IT’S A BOY!! I feel so much better when the doctor tells me everything looks normal!


Back to the important stuff! We are planning to pick blackberries in the morning (which would be Thursday). It MAY be the last of the last. Up side is Brent thinks we should have enough to cover Jumbo Foods, WholeFoods, and MAYBE Enid Farmer’s Market!!! Last week, I wrote last chance on the sign there soooo if we make it, it will be a surprise to All. If someone would still like to place a small order, I am meeting some of my regular customers in Enid with Jelly, Frozen, and a few Fresh berries. Call soon!

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