The first of many!

This thing called blogging, this is new to this farm girl. Very simple is the way life should be! I hope that this will help simplify my life, sitting down and typing out the happenings on this farm. My promises to any one who reads on a regular basis is this: 1.There are a lot of uneventful days, very boring actually, but a few interesting things may be sprinkled in. 2.I will keep you informed during Berry Harvest what is available, where it can be found, and when it will be there.

Brent is currently doing a job we have titled Quality Control. Description – 1. Clothe your person in very absurd amounts of winter clothes. 2. Sneak to the cooler so the neighbors do not think you are insane. 3. Spend 1-5 hr. looking at carton after carton of berries. This job is Not a favorite but definitely improves the Quality of our product.

I am to do steps 1&2. and begin packing our second shipment to Whole Foods Market. Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.


Here is what is available:

Friday – 6/26/15

Blackberries by the pint @ Whole Foods Market, Oklahoma City

Blackberries by the quart or pint @ the farm ( see map)

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