July 1

Well the only thing that is predictable around here is being unpredictable! We had a storm last night and it has rained some this morning. If the berries are picked wet they mold faster. No picking this morning!!! Brent is working on it now and maybe have some help later on. We will for sure be in Edmond in the morning. If they can pick enough we will try for Norman. Whole Foods (OKC), Jumbos, and United on Willow are stocked. Brent to a sign to Way Out West parking lot on Garriot Rd. in Enid. He is sitting there on Thursday at 8:30 A.M. The BEST place to get the berries is Always going to be Right Here on the farm!!! If I don’t have any picked I will come help you pick some! Right now I have 130+ quarts to sell.

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